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We always try hard to find out problems and solve out for requestments to fit customers absolute satisfaction
History of the factory
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1st LEAP
1996 : Establishment of JEONGDO PRECISION CO.,LTD.
1997 : Registration of LG Chem Cheongju Plant Company
2002 : R/BEND’G first introduced in korea TS16949 system certification
2006 : Establishment of TESK CO., LTD.
2nd LEAP
2007 : Established of Technology Research Institute
2010 : Development of hydroforming devices and components
2012 : Certified by the Corporate Capital Research Institute
2013 : EX-MANI Part Development-Line Construction
3rd LEAP
2014 : Register of Woo-shin Industrial Company
2016 : Development & Production of Doosan Tier 4 SCR Daedong
2017 : A2 starting mass production of MIXER trading industry
4th LEAP
2018 :
  • Development of SCR System for Daedong Industry 4J
  • Joint Venture with VIKAS Group (UREA Tank supplied to TATA Motors)
  • Establishment of Vietnam Company, JT Tube Co., Ltd
We continue our journey with you
Some Of Our Trusted Clients
Factory Flow
We always try hard to find our problems and solve out for requirements to fit customers absolute satisfaction.
Factory 1
Coil Loading
Stage of quality inspection, diameter, classification and dismantling of coils.
Factory 2
Tube Mill
Welding process, forming tubes form coils, adjusting the sixe, shapes, sizes, lengths for pipes, sorting and packing tubes
Factory 3
Bending & Forming
The process of expanding, squeezing and forming pipes according to standard diameters.
Factory 4
Using different types of welding rebots to assemble and weld pipes according to standard models.
Factory 5
Packing & Delivery
When the process is complete, the tube is packed and the product is delivered to the customer.

Certifications & Awards

Certificate of Registration
“Standards are named in the format "JIS X 0208:1997", where X denotes area division, followed by four digits designating the area (five digits for ISO-corresponding standards), and four final digits designating the revision year.”
Abbha Lalm
Head of JIS
Our Products
We always try hard to find our problems and solve out for requirements to fit customers absolute satisfaction.
The best of pipe
JT TUBE has a highest quality and latest technology of a new ERW Tube mill which calls FFX. Also, we progressively treat Stainless & Steel Pipes with 40 Bending, Press, Cutting & Welding machines.
Vehicle Muffler
Our two parent corporates called JEONG- DO PRECISION & TESK since 1996 & 2006 have had quality experience of Emission Reduction from engine, and solved deep issues.
Commercial Parts
Steel Fences
Our fences are made from high-quality steel tubes. Its dominant style is simple, func- tional, and sturdy. Some designs are added simple and gentle decorative parts. It’s available for commercial and residential application.
Furniture Frame
Furthermore, we are now ready to jump up to our all potential customers to have super satisfaction.We do believe the growing vision comes from challenge to supply to our customers with perfect quality.
JT Tube for Business
Any size. Any shape.
Any tube you want.
business-1 business-2 business-3 business-5 business-4
Quality Control
Safety, economy, and compliance with regulations are essential for our production process. Our quality control process takes into account many variables.
Rockwell hardness tester
This is used for the process of checking the hardness of the coil when it is being inserted.
Compressing Tensile Testing Machine
This is used for the control coil expansion. Then, it is to check the standard quality of the pipe.
Metal analysis PMI-MASTER Pro
This is used for checking the chemical composition of materials.
pipe quality checking
Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
This is used to measure the flatness of the coil. This will make sure the coil is always flat, the quality of the coil is standard, avoiding unnecessary losses.
Aicon tuebeinspect P
This is an ultrasonic machine, which helps to take x-rays to check the bending product and then measure the angle to be bent.
We are growing global competitiveness throughout the world.